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Title: A Little Bit of Foresight
Summary: Who knew Spike could make such accurate predictions? Certainly not him. (during "Something Blue")
Prompt: Owl Blood - For SB Fag Ends Witches Brew Halloween Challenge 2013
Rating: PG

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"You want something nicer?" Buffy leant a little closer to him, seductive. Her head cocked to the side, exposing the pale, delicate skin of her throat and stroking, gently, increasing blood flow. Her voice dropped low, a husky breath, "A look at my.. poor neck? All bare and tender and exposed.." A smile ghosted Buffy's lips, "All that blood just .. pumping away.."

He was edging closer to her with each word, all but vaulting from the bathtub. He reached forward, bending chains barely able to restrain...

"Oh, please." Giles sighed, forehead buried in his hands.

Spike turned to him, eyes pleading, "Giles, make her stop." But as he sagged back into the tub, eyes drawn by magnets back to the Slayer's throat, he didn't notice the Watcher leave.

"What's the matter, Spikey? Hunger not a good motivator?" Her lips twitched into something between a pout and smirk.

He sneered. "You're all talk now, but just you wait. Sooner than you think, Slayer, you will be mine."


"It's just so sudden. I don't know what to say." Her heart hammered hard enough that he could pick up individual beats. Her breath was shallow, stunned, with what he hoped was joy.

"Just say yes, and make me the happiest man on Earth."

"Oh, Spike! Of course it's a yes!" As the words left her lips she was in his arms. Passion thrummed between them, lust and needful devotion.

Spike smiled.

Right then, the Slayer was his.


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