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Title: Not Fade Away/Let Me Stay

Rating: G

Summary: Each of our heroes thoughts in their most crucial (or final) moments (in no particular order). Written in memory of Andy Hallet, RIP, and as a fond farewell to the lj comm Phantasmagoria

Genre: Poetry/Angst/Action/Tragedy

Originally posted here

It started with a hole in the world
Why do I have to go?
Why can't I stay?
(My power is that they can't make me fade away)

Lie to me
Everything is a lie
I am King in the house of lies,
and I am a liar.
It is such a beautiful lie we share,
One that will not fade away
(Why can't I stay)

There's just one path to redemption,
They gave me one shot.
I put it to good use,
You're welcome
(I wish I could stay)

I'm a Killer,
A loser,
A fighter with no fight
Signed away my freedom
Deserve it if I die
It's all a lie
(Don't deserve to stay)

Souled myself for love and burned so I could rest,
No mess.
But still I've gotta fight,
Poet with no rhyme,
(I need to stay)

The Champion.
The Leader.
The poster-boy for good
Yet inside I'm so empty I may well be filled with wood.
But I give thanks, for there is light;
There are no people like us in this fight
(I'll never fade away)

The Host with the most must bow out now,
Kiddies, playtime's up.
Shootin' star's gotta fade away;
Nothing's ever allowed to stay


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