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Title: Moving On
Rating: PG-13
Summary:Angel and Spike work on that 'moving on' thing that Andrew was talking about. Stupid fluff. Yup, I wrote fluff!
Distribution: Feel free, as long as my name remains on it
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the words and I gain no profit. Characters belong to The Boss and co. (M.E.), and thank God they do, or I would have nothing to dream about

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Title: Date Night
Summary: Remember how, in "Just Rewards" Spike said he was Angel's date to the necromancer? Well, he's going to milk that for all it's worth...
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I own everything, EVERYTHING in the universe. Including you, reader. So you can't argue, I'll just have you executed. Nah, A Joss-shaped guy (my master) owns the characters, I'm just playing puppet master whilst he's out, 'kay?
Distribution: You could do me the courtesy of telling me first, but have at it...

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Title: The Having of a Domestic
Summary: "Angel and Cordy play house!" Remember that final, pretty scene at the end of 'Provider', where Angel and Cordy lie on his bed, baby Connor nestled all snug between them? Well, this is the events of later that night.
Pairing: Angel/Cordy
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the words. Alas, as pretty as the characters are, they belong to Joss, our leader, and the rest of ME. Shame, really. I treat 'em nicer.
Distribution: Please, distribute at will. Just keep the name on the tin (i.e. MINE) and I won't hunt you down and wear your skin like a coat. plagiarists get flayed, people!
Rating: Teen

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Title: I May Be Soft On The Inside...
Rating: Teen
Summary: Angel has trouble adjusting to being made of felt...
Disclaimer: Characters are un-mine. But in the realm of dreams...

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No matter what, he could not let Nina see him like this. Angel climbed out from under the desk, struggling, but ultimately succeeding to hoist himself into the Goddam Kilimanjaro of an office chair.

I swear to God if one more person, one more, looks at me like that… With those goochy goochy eyes I'm gonna start slashing.
He was not adapting well to being made of felt.

All the girls looking at me with cheek-pinch stares, like they want to grab me in a smother-hug… Actually, maybe that isn't too bad a thing. It's not like I can actually be smothered, and being pressed to a warm willing body. Yeah, I can go for that.

"Hello, big guy!" Crap. Spike. The bleached wonder flamboyantly burst into the office. "Need another car." Kill me now, thought Angel. If there's anyone out there, strike me down. "Afraid this last one ended up in the drink." Kill me, stake my stuffing heart.

"Spike…" He tried, tentatively.

The blonde was dumbfounded, blue eyes locked on to Angel's plastic ones. "Look at you."

Oh God why won't you just let me die? He put his four-fingered felt hands up to try and look more persuasive, "just turn around and walk away."

"You're a—"


The blonde cracked. His laugh was as uncontrollable as it was mocking. "You're a bloody puppet!"

Angel was done. No more Mr Nice Puppet. With a demonic growl he hauled himself from behind the desk at his Grandchilde, sending them both hurtling through the office window and into the very exposed hallway.

This was what he was ending. The girls staring like he was edible could be forgiven, but the guys? Even Wes and Gunn looked like they wanted to piss themselves laughing at him. Well, no more. He was gonna hand Spike his ass.


A tussle and a few minutes later, as Spike lay slumped and sobered up in the corner of an elevator, just before the doors parted to reveal the pride-shattering scene, Angel growled at his pitiful Grandchilde, "say it."

Spike sulked. "I won't do it."

Angel grabbed Spike by the shirt and stared daringly into his eyes, "Say. It. Say it you stupid limey piece of crap!"

Spike huffed and pushed Angel off of him. "Fine." He stumbled quickly over the words, "You-may-be-soft-on-the-inside-but-you're-badass-on-the-out."

"Damn right." Angel nodded his felt head assertively as the elevator doors sprang open. "Yes, I'm a puppet. Doesn't mean you don't have work to do. Harmony, get my call list." Still badass.
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Title: The House of Silent Tears
Rating: PG
Summary: A vignette, near the end of 'You're Welcome'. Wesley goes to see what's taking Angel and Cordy so long and finds his Boss alone and broken.
Genre: Hurt/comfort /Friendship/Tragedy

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Title: Soul's Purpose in Life
Rating: Teen
Summary: A final dream at the end of Soul Purpose reveals to Angel a little bit about himself. Will he finally get some clarity? Or will he succumb to yet another nightmare? Familiar faces guest-star…
Disclaimer: There's a Titan somewhere in California who owns the world in which this belongs. I'm just toying with it, and gain nothing from doing so barring fun-ness.
Distribution: Please? Do what you wish barring stealing it and calling it yours or I may be forced to do bad things to you.

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