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Title: Wild Soul, I Cling To Thee
Summary: Buffy reflects on her and Spike, through their first and last meetings (companion piece to "Burn, Blur and Bury Me")
Prompt: Werewolf Blood - For SB Fag Ends Witches Brew Halloween Challenge 2013
Rating: Teen

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A/N: This is written for red_satin_doll on lj who asked me a while back if I wrote a companion fic to this which is from Spike's POV. I didn't. Now I have. Also, the prompt for Werewolf blood said - "wild and unpredictable", and "subtlety is required"

Wild Soul, I Cling to Thee

The first time she saw him, she saw red.

Demon. Vicious and cruelly calm, he moved with the wild thick in his veins. Made to fight, made to drain. And with passion that burned through all his shadows.

The first time she saw him, she knew he had to die.

There were a thousand meetings, between that first and last, where they bled and shed their skin to each other, where they hurt and kicked and clung. They lived, they died, they cried, and they fought so very hard.

The last time she saw him, it was over. The Hellmouth was falling, victory calling loud and fast. And he, with pain and smiling, would land the final blow. He told her to leave, hands clasped to burn forever, she told him he was done, they could rest.

But still, he had to end what they'd begun. With a parting smile, and between eyes a tether as old as anything, she offered her heart and he gave her a world to live in.

The last time she saw him, she saw gold.

And when the world buried him, he shone.


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